In 2017, I shall waste no time doing things I don’t want to do. I shall spend as little time as possible with people who lack ambition, enthusiasm, or common sense, or who think that anything other than kindness and self-control makes them better than others.

I’ll focus on learning new things, mastering new skills, climbing new mountains.

I shall have less compassion for others and more for myself, so if I’m giving you my time, it’s because I know you won’t waste it.

My time is limited. Writing is selfish. We love what we do because we love ourselves. But if you don’t love yourself, what is your love for another other than a reflection of your own self-hate, conditioned by the other’s response, and by the horror of not knowing who you are?

I shall support more causes, sign mlore petitions, take more time to know people that no one wants to know.

I shall waste no time with gleaming references and impeccable manners, because I know they hide insecurity and rot and emptiness. Because I know there’s more to learn from hanging out with interesting people than with the right people; connections can fade, inner richness doesn’t.

I will say ‘No’ to more things and ‘Yes’ to more things.

I will seek new adventures, conquer new hearts, save more souls, walk more paths I haven’t walked.

I will spend more time in children’s hospitals and in places of worship. I will light more candles and say more prayers.

I’ll donate more.

I’ll publish a new book and write a new book.

I’ll be happier and bolder. I’ll follow intuition over advice. I’ll follow my heart because success seeks those with a backbone, and I’ve spent enough time with snobs to know that you can’t really camouflage between them.

No matter what you achieve, the world always knows where you come from. It’s up to you to make it your weakness or your strength.

I’ll have more ME time and seek to know myself, so that I don’t hurt others trying to find out who I really am.

I’ll give more love and receive more love.

I’ll travel to a place I haven’t been do, and do something I haven’t done – scubadive or skydive or sunbathe on a nude beach.

If 2016 taught me something, it’s that good things come when you least expect them to.

And so do bad things.

‘What do we say to the god of death?

Not today.’

(Game of Thrones)

If only it was as simple as that…